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Experience the Taste of Middle East with AL-Baik

For the love of lip smackingly delicious bites that makes you want to come back for more! Succulent meat blended with
a mixture of fresh spices for that perfect bite every
single time!

Benefit & flourish from our experience

Quality food created with a quality initiative in mind.Our vendors, staff and cooks take great pleasure in putting out our best quality food one plate at a time. Quality ingredients with carefully crafted menu is our recipe

Menu Collections

Combo & Meals

We wanted to create a legacy of dishes that go kaboom in your mouth. Take a look into that legacy crafted with succulent meat and fresh herbs! A tantalising blend of flavours and taste that makes us stand out from the crowd.

200 al-baik foods

Nuggets Combo

6 Nuggets + 1 Fries + Cold Drinks(S)

200 al-baik foods

Chicken Strips Combo

3 Strips + 1 Fries + Coldrinks(S)

500 al-baik foods

Boneless Meals

6 Nuggets + 3 Strips + 1 Fries + 1 Chi. Popcorn + Coldrinks(S)

430 al-baik foods

Sandwich Combo

Chi. Melting Sandwich+ Chi. Coleslaw Sandwich + 1 Fries + Coldrinks(M)

380 al-baik foods

Fish Meal Box

1 Fish Burger + 4 Fish Finger + 1 Fries + Coldrinks(S)

300 al-baik foods

Prawns Meal Box

1 Fries + 1 al-baik Prawns + Coldrinks (S)

500 al-baik foods

Pizza Combo

Chi. Margherita Pizza + al-baik Spl. Pizza + 1 Fries + Coldrink(M)

Our menu categories

What the world orders

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Latest News

Who is AL-Baik founder in India ( AL-Baik)?

The founder of AL-Baik in India is Sayyed Sahil, a young entrepreneur with finesse in food and beverage industry. His company Albaik Food System pvt. Ltd., in partnership with Hakim Qureshi, a Dubai based restauranteer owns the Device mark of Happy Chicken logo and also the trademark(Certificate Attached) .

AL-Baik seek perfection in every morsel

Since the conception of its first eatery in 1999, AL-Baik has always been committed to delivering exemplary taste and unmatched customer service. More than 2 decades and over 70 branches all over India and other parts of Asia later, we continue to remain true to our original commitment to our customers.