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Internationally celeberated brand

AL-Baik seek perfection in every morsel. Our dishes go through 9-12 months of experimentation before they find a place on our menu. From colour pigments to the spices, we ensure you come back for more.

Albaik Food System Pvt. Ltd.

AL-Baik is brand wordmark registered as well as device mark registered by Trademark Registry of India under company Albaik Food System Pvt. Ltd. which register under company act. AL-Baik abide by every rule and regulation formulated by Government of India and adhere to norms. Below are our licenses and NOCs from various departments which can be cross-checked on respective websites.

Our Certificates

A selection of listing verified for quality
AL-Baik ISO Certificate
AL-Baik Halal Certificate
AL-Baik Logo Certificate
AL-Baik Trademark Certificate