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AL-Baik is an internationally renowned restaurant chain that serves high-quality food at an affordable price. Our signature Middle Eastern twist to the classic fast food items, as well as our indisputable commitment to quality and freshness, has solidified our place as a trusted food brand for millions of households all over the world.

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+91 72358 88788

+91 78600 14400



Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Franchise

+91 97893 88179

+91 73582 43312

+91 88389 68880


Registered office:
H.No. 532 C-74 Mahanagar, Lucknow - 226006, Uttarpradesh, India

Factory Address:
No:1310, Amarsanda Road, Near Amroon Foods, Kursi – 225302, Uttarpradesh, India

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