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Al-Baik is India's leading fast food retail chain with specialisation in Crispy Fried Chicken and middle Eastern recipies. With over 92 outlets nationwide and two international outlets Al-Baik is poised for Greater growth and sustainable prosperity. For more than a decade Al-Baik's sumptuous broast chicken, delicious fast food and refreshing beverages are winning hearts from from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

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Albaik India Story since 1999

Great Reasons to Franchise with Al-Baik

Albaik Food System Pvt. Ltd. is committed to offer comprehensive guidance & operation support to ALBAIK franchisees in India for mutual growth and profitability.

Popular & Registered Brand

Started in 1999 in Kurla, Mumbai Al-Baik is a popular restaurant chain, operated by Al-Baik Food System Pvt. Ltd.

Diversity in Menu

Al-Baik has a reputation of providing customers with diverse choices in cuisine with specialisation in middle Eastern recipes.

Rich Experience

Al-Baik ensures that each visit or each customer is a fulfilling experience with highest levels of satisfaction.

Attractive Returns

Al-Baik's promise is "invest small, grow big" with strategic business plan and credible brand equity.

Profit and Prosper

India's fast food market is expanding rapidly with F&B industry the timing is right to enter this market.

Recession-Free Business

Food industry is a necessity which makes it one of the most lucrative and always profitable business.

How Al-Baik franchise works to build up a strategic plan for a successful franchise.

In view of achieving a smooth and well-aligned support system, Albaik Food System Pvt. Ltd. (the franchisor) has devised a systematic assistance program for franchisees in India.

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